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Sandia Seed

Wholesale Pepper and Tomato Assortment - 45 Varieties - 270 Packets (fills floor display)

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This is the most popular and the largest selection we offer for the floor display. It includes both tomatoes and peppers, so something for everyone!

It's easy to become a retailer with this special selection of 6 packs of 45 different pepper varieties. A total of 270 seed packets, with

One-half of the seed packet varieties retail at $2.49 and you pay wholesale at $1.25

One-half of the seed packet varieties retail $3.99 and you pay wholesale at $1.99 

This great selection includes Bush Early Girl, Big Beef, Black Krim, Sweet Million, Anaheim, Bell Mini Orange Snacker, Hatch Green Mild, Hatch Red Hot, Orange Spice Jalapeno, NuMex Heritage Big Jim, Piquillo, Aji Limo, Red Bhut jolokia Ghost Pepper, Carolina Reaper, Trinidad Scorpion and many more. Substitutions may occur.

This Most Popular Pepper seed assortment fits in the 45 pocket Floor Seed Rack Display which is sold separately – make sure to add the seed rack display to your cart as well if desired. While we don't charge for the seed racks themselves, we do charge $55 to cover the UPS shipping fees (due to their large size, shipping costs are approx. $55.00) and will refund any over chargeWe also encourage recycling of old seed racks and spinner displays. 

For the best shipping costs on our seed racks, call owner Patsy Coles at 505.321.7521 or contact us online hereWe're happy to answer any of your questions.

We will ship in 3 - 5 business days. If a future shipping date is desired, please put that information in the notes section.


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