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Sandia Seed

Wholesale Popular Pepper Assortment - 45 Pepper Varieties - 540 packets WITHOUT Floor Display

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Become a retailer with a special selection of 12 packs of 45 different pepper varieties. A total of 540 seed packets. The floor stand is not included. Wholesale pricing is 50% off the preprinted packet prices.

This great selection includes Aleppo, Anaheim Sonora Mild, Bell Purple Beauty, Bhut Jolokia Red, Big Jim Legacy, Biquinho Yellow, Bishop Crown, Bulgarian Carrot, Carolina Reaper Red, Cayenne Ring of Fire, Cow Horn Hot, Devil's Tongue, Easter NuMex, Fresno, Fushimi, Goat Horn, Habanero Red Caribbean, Hatch Green Medium - Big Jim, Hatch Green Mild Guizeppi, Hatch Green XHot - Barker's, Hatch Green XHot - Rattlesnake, Hatch Red Hot- Sandia Hot, Hot Portugal, Hot Red Cherry, Jalapeno Early, Jamaican Yellow Hot, Jimmy Nardello, Mirasol Mosco Pueblo, Paprika, Patio Fire & Ice, Pepperoncini Golden Greek, Pimento, Poblano, Sandia Select NuMex, Santaka, Scotch Bonnet Orange, Serrano Tampiqueno, Shishito, Sriracha Red Pepper, Sweet Banana, Tabasco, Thai Hot, Tombstone Ghost Pepper, Trinidad Scorpion, and Twilight NuMex.

Substitutions may occur.

This very popular pepper seed assortment fits into the 45 pocket Floor Stand Seed Rack Display which is not included. If you would like this assortment with a floor display please choose the 540 packets WITH Floor Display.

We will ship in 3 - 5 business days. If a future shipping date is desired, please put that information in the notes section.