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Tomato - Chef's Choice Orange F1 Seeds

$ 3.99


 An attractive orange beefsteak that is a prolific produc­er of juicy, bright orange tomatoes and an All American Selection winner.

Chef’s Choice Orange F1 is a hybrid derived from the popular heirloom Amana Orange which matures late in the season. Now you can experience the wonderful fla­vor of an orange heirloom tomato in only 75 days from transplant. Its disease resistance is a bonus. It’s orange throughout with a very nice fresh sweet flavor.

Non-GMO, Hybrid (75 days)

Fruit Color: Orange.  Shape: Round.  Size: 9 - 12 oz. Plant Habit: Indeterminate.

Plant Size: 5’.  10 seeds 


All of our seeds are GMO-free.

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