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What Vegetables to Plant in May & June

What to plant in May & June

It's May, have you not planted your vegetable garden yet? Or are you looking to plant more seeds? Here are our top vegetable seeds that grow fast, some of them can be succession sown over the summer for a continual harvest. 

It's never too late to start seeds! 

What Vegetables to Plant in May: Radish Seeds

Cherry Belle Radish
 are super fast growing, ready for harvest in about 22-30 days from sowing, so they are great seeds to plant in May. You can keep sowing these every two weeks in May, June, July, August and September! Sowing seeds all spring/summer/fall helps produce a continual harvest. We direct sow them in the garden and they germinate in just a few days. These are fun for kids as they sprout so quickly and easily. Delicious to snack on, or in salads or on top of pozole stew!

What Vegetables to Plant in May: Sugar Snap Pea Seeds
Peas begin harvesting in 65 days, so they are also a great plant to start in May to harvest in June/July. Soak the seeds overnight in water first to get them started, then plant in the garden. Many gardeners recommend using innoculant for starting peas, which can help with germination. 

What Vegetables to Plant in May: Black Beauty Zucchini

One of the most productive and fast-growing vegetables in our garden is the Zucchini – these sprout quickly when direct seeded in mounds in the garden in May, and start to harvest in just 55 days! You won't regret planting zucchini seeds, they're so versatile in the kitchen! Pick them small to keep from getting overwhelmed, but if they get big you can use them to make breads, fritters, and even pickles! It's nice that you can direct sow these in the garden, too, as you don't have to make room indoors to get them started!

What Vegetables to Plant in May: Lettuce Seeds

Another great seed to sow often directly in the garden in May is lettuce seed!  Fast sprouting, you can sow the seeds directly into the garden soil beginning in early spring or anytime throughout the summer. Seeds germinate in about 5-10 days depending on the soil temperature - and they grow quickly for harvesting in about 50 days. You can also pick the small greens for baby lettuce greens sooner. 


What Vegetables to Plant in May: Pepper Seeds

If you're wanting peppers in May, grow the  Fastest Growing Pepper Seeds which are faster to germinate than many peppers so you could start them in May indoors under lights with heat. The plants also grow faster, with some extra early peppers ready to harvest in as little as  57 days!  Learn how to make peppers grow faster »

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What Vegetables to Plant in May: Tomato Seeds

If you want to start some tomato seeds in May, there is still time! Try the fastest growing tomatoes – these will sprout quickly and grow quickly for quicker harvests.