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Sandia Seed offers discounts and discount codes on seeds seasonally! 

Seed Discount Code

If you're on a budget, make sure to check out our 50% off Seeds collection which has some of our customer favorites discounted at a great price. We change these 50% off seed discounts regularly depending on what we have overstock of, so bookmark this page and be sure to check back seasonally as we rotate out the deals on our customer favorite seeds. Bonus: you don't have to have a seed discount code to take advantage of our special deals on seeds! We also have discounted seed 3-packs:

Seed Discount Code - 3-packs

Be sure to check out our discounted seed 3-packs where we have ongoing seed discounts of customer favorites. Check out our selection of Discount Seeds and save on some of our tastiest peppers!

Discount Seed Codes for Chile

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To get the most bang for your buck, also be sure to check out our
packets that contain 30 seeds or more!

Seed Discount Code: Hatch Chile Seeds
Above: Doublecross Hatch Chile »

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Seed Discount code for Wholesalers

Do you want to sell seeds?

Peppers are hot sellers these days, people love the variety from sweet to super hot peppers as well as our big selection of infamous New Mexican Green Chile varieties from Hatch, New Mexico. We do offer wholesale seeds to garden nurseries and shops all over the United States and the world!

Discount Seed Code: Wholesale Seeds for Garden Nurseries Shops

Wholesale Seed Discount Code:

We also have included some of our Wholesale seed collections below in case you want to sell our seeds in your shop.  

You can also find our seeds at any of these shops & retailers »

Seed Discount Code: Bulk Seeds

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Buy our seeds in BULK!

If you are a farmer or grower and you need a lot of pepper seeds to plant a large farm, urban farm, or community garden, check out our Bulk Seeds. We offer our seeds in larger quantities for larger grow operations. 

Happy Growing!