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Salsa Garden Peppers

Salsa garden peppers

Favorite Salsa Garden Peppers
Oh boy, it's hard to pick just one favorite salsa garden pepper. If you're a salsa connoisseur, you know that there isn't just one perfect pepper for salsa! You can put all sorts of hot peppers and green chiles into salsa, and sweet peppers, too. There is no right or wrong pepper for salsa!

Salsa Garden Peppers - Make the best salsa!

Jalape├▒os are classic, while roasted Hatch Green Chiles add flavor and body to salsas. Or you can try some super hot peppers for a spicy delight! Same goes for tomatoes, you can grow a wide variety of heirloom tomatoes that will make amazing salsa. Here are some of our favorite recipes, but don't stop there, add any hot peppers to your salsa to add flavor, color and spice!

Hatch Chile Salsa ┬╗
Salsa Garden Seeds
Happy growing and enjoying!