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Problems growing carrots?

Problems growing Carrots

We used to have trouble growing carrots, specifically with sowing carrot seeds, likely because we did not keep them consistently moist during their germination period.

Carrot seeds not germinating?

Carrot seeds can be planted directly into the garden soil and are easy to grow. But there is a secret to growing carrots and getting the seeds to germinate. If you have problems with carrots in your garden (or at least starting the seeds), use the Carrot Board Trick:

For best results, sow carrot seeds onto loamy loose soil, then gently place an untreated wood 2x4 board on top of them to keep them dark and moist until sprouted. You can check them after about 5 or 6 days then every couple days thereafter to see when they sprout (carrot seeds can take 5-14 days to germinate). Make sure to mist them with more water if the soil starts to dry under the board.  Once most of the seeds sprout, lift the board with a couple bricks so the tiny seedlings are shaded but can grow a bit more for a few days, then remove the board entirely to let them grow. When seedlings are 3" tall, thin them to 1" apart. Make sure to keep your carrots moist over the growing season but not soggy!

How to Germinate Carrot Seeds Fast

One of the most common problems growing carrots is not getting the seeds to sprout, so try this secret carrot board trick. Well, maybe not that secret, lots of gardeners use this carrot board technique!

How to keep carrot seeds moist?

The carrot board trick helps keep the carrot seeds moist and touching the soil, which is likely the most important part as they are tiny little seeds.

Organic Danver's Carrot Seeds

Learn more about how to grow Danver's Carrots, these delicious rich dark orange carrots produce high-yields and are easy to grow even for new gardeners. They are a cool-season crop and grow best in the cool temperatures that occur in early spring and late fall so we like to plant them twice a year, once in early spring, and again in mid-summer for a late fall and winter crop.

Carrot Germination Time

Carrot seeds can take 5-14 days to germinate, so if you are using the carrot board technique, then start checking under the board after 5-6 days to see if the seeds are sprouting.

Problems Growing Carrots - Ideal Carrot Growing Temperature

Carrot Germination Temperature

Carrot seeds germinate fastest with a soil temperature of 80˚ F. If it is cooler than that carrot seeds may take longer to sprout. Using the carrot board technique helps keep the seeds a little warmer but still moist so it helps!

Ideal Carrot Growing Temperature

While carrot seeds are slow to germinate in the cooler weather, but they do like cool temperatures for developing sweet, well-formed roots - so it's great to start carrot seedss in mid-to-late summer and grow them into fall/winter – they thrive in 40˚-60˚ F temperatures and grow best when temperatures do not exceed 75°F.

How long do carrots take to grow?

Our Danver's Carrots are typically ready to harvest in 75 days after sowing.

Hot Sauce Recipes
Carrots + Hot Peppers = Hot Sauce
We love growing peppers as they go great with peppers in hot sauce, specifically Habaneros and super hot peppers. Carrots add bulk, sweetness and depth of flavor to homemade hot sauce recipes.

Happy growing!