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Pepper Gifts

Pepper Gifts


Need pepper gift ideas for the pepper lovers in your life?
Here are our top gift ideas for your list:

    1. Chile Pepper Seeds: If the spice lover in your life likes to garden, then new pepper seeds are always a hit. We offer gift seed bundles that are sure to please any gardener.

      Pepper Gifts: Carolina Reaper Powder Recipe
    2. Pepper Powders or Flakes: There are a lot of small batch pepper powders and pepper flakes out there, they make for great stocking stuffers, too! And, any chile-lover is going to love pepper powders. You can also make homemade pepper powders »

    3. Hot Sauce: Another easy foodie item, pepper lovers enjoy trying new hot sauces and typically go through a lot of it, so a new bottle of a local hot sauce or especially homemade hot sauce is a very welcome gift!

    4. Trowel or a Hori Hori garden knife are also welcome gifts for gardeners!

      Pepper Gifts: Garden Gloves

    5. Garden Gloves: Any gardener could use a good pair of new garden gloves. The nice long-sleeved rose gloves are great for gardeners too as they keep off prickers and scratches when harvesting veggies or chopping compost.

    6. Garden Markers: The nice metal ones paired with a grease pen is always a welcome gift for any gardener!

      Pepper Gifts - Pruners

    7. Pruners: Another good set of sharp pruners is always welcome in the garden, we tend to "lose" them and it's nice to have different pairs for different needs. The smaller fine tipped shears are good for harvesting herbs, for example, while heavy duty ones are good for pruning back branches on plants.

    8. Fermentation Crock: This is an unusual pepper gift that is sure to delight a pepper lover! Find a local ceramic artist who makes fermentation crocks, they are perfect for making fermented hot sauces, sauerkraut and all sorts of other delicious fermented veggies. If you can't find a local artist who makes them, you can also sometimes find these at Asian markets as they are also perfect for making kim chee!

Pepper Gifts: Pruners and Seeds

Happy gifting!

Pepper Gifts for Stocking Stuffers