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National Hot Sauce Day

Happy National Hot Sauce Day!  January 22

Happy National Hot Sauce Day!
Annually on: January 22

Grow your own hot sauce from seeds! Sandia Seed offers a ton of different hot pepper seeds that make for amazing hot sauce. Grow our super hot pepper seeds for wicked hot sauces, or grow our hot pepper seeds for sauces with a milder heat. You can also grow Hatch chile seeds or even sweet pepper seeds and add them into your hot sauce recipes to give the sauce more sweetness, flavor and depth. 

National Hot Sauce Day is observed annually on January 22nd in 2019. The origins of this hot sauce "holiday" are not clear, but it's a great excuse to celebrate hot sauce by adding it to your dishes. 

Here are some of our Hot Sauce Recipes: 

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(we know, this is salsa, but it counts as hot sauce in our book!) 


Have fun celebrating National Hot Sauce Day with your favorite hot sauces, whether they be homegrown and homemade or if you buy them from your favorite hot sauce company! We love adding hot sauce and chile peppers to nearly every meal... once you go spicy, it's hard to go back! 


I don't always put Hot Sauce on everything... just kidding, I do!