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Is it too late to plant tomato seeds?

Is it too late to start tomatoes?

Is it too late to start tomatoes? 

Definitely not. You can plant tomato seeds anytime in the spring. Many people around here don’t sow them until April, as they are fast germinators and fast growers. We find they do even better when they are planted in the ground when they're younger (after it warms up and all chance of frost has passed, of course). 

We are in the West, so we typically start our Tomato seeds in late March or in April. How early you start them depends on how much room you have to grow them indoors with good lighting until the weather has warmed up enough to plant them outside. 

Is it too late to start tomatoes? Here's a healthy tomato plant.

Of course, depending on where you live, and where you can grow, you could potentially start tomatoes anytime throughout the year! If you are lucky enough to have a heated greenhouse, for example, you could grow tomatoes year-round. Or, if you're in Florida and other warmer southern areas, you could start tomatoes in February and even plant outside after any chance of frost has passed. Or in the Phoenix, Arizona, tomato gardeners have two growing seasons: mid-February until the end of May and September until mid-November. So starting tomato seeds can really happen throughout the year, it just depends on where you live.

Start Tomato Seeds Indoors
If you have a shorter growing season (like in the West, where spring frosts last late into May/June, and fall frosts come early in September/October, then it's good to start tomatoes indoors early in March/April to get them growing before transplanting outdoors.


Fastest Growing Tomato Seeds - Glacier Tomato

Starting late? Short season?
Grow the Fastest Growing Tomatoes!

To speed your tomato harvest up, you can also grow shorter season tomatoes such as the Glacier Tomato, above, which is ready to harvest in 56-63 days!

Is it too late to plant tomato seeds? Try our Fastest Growing Tomatoes - Isis Candy Tomato Seeds

Our Isis Candy Tomato is also a heirloom that is ready to harvest in 67 days. 

Fastest Growing Tomatoes: Berkeley Tie-Dye Tomato Seeds

The Berkeley Tie-Dye Tomato is an  Open-pollinated heirloom that is ready for harvest in 65-75 days. With great flavor, this fast growing tomato matures mid-season before other beefsteaks and has great heirloom flavor.

The Black Prince Tomato is another open-pollinated heirloom tomato that is ready for harvest in 70 days, and it's one of our most popular early and sought after black heirloom tomatoes. It is full of juice and incredibly rich fruity flavor with considerable health benefits. Great for patio gardens! This fast growing tomato is regarded as a true northern variety and has excellent growing qualities suited for cooler climates. 

Fastest Growing Tomatoes - Bush Early Girl Tomato Seeds

A modern hybrid classic, the Bush Early Girl Tomato is one of the earliest tomatoes, with tomato harvests starting in just 59 days! These compact, space-saving tomato plants produce good early yields of excellent flavor for an early tomato. Good disease resistance and easy to grow. Heat tolerant.  Very popular with home gardeners because of early fruit ripening and they are always dependable, producing huge yields on small bushy plants.

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