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How to germinate pepper seeds fast

How to germinate pepper seeds fast

Learn how to germinate pepper seeds fast! 

 If you want to learn how to make peppers grow faster – it's good to start them indoors early, and keep them nice and warm between 80-90˚ F to sprout quickly. It's also wise to transplant them into larger containers if you have the room to let them grow deep root systems before transplanting into the garden (after all chance of frost has passed.) Most peppers also like the temperatures to be above 60˚ F – even at night, so hold off on planting them outside until it has suffiently warmed up so you don't stunt them with cold nights or weather.

Be Patient with Pepper Seeds!

It can take over a week to several weeks, sometimes up to a month or more for some pepper seeds to sprout. Just when some people give up on them, many pepper seeds will finally sprout. Some pepper seeds take way longer than others, so never give up on a pepper seed - make sure to keep them warm at 80-90˚ F and moist, they can take 7-21+ days to sprout!

Do some pepper seeds take longer to germinate?

Yes, Some super hot pepper seeds, Piquillo pepper seeds, and often Poblanos can take their sweet ol' time germinating so don't give up on them. The super hot Chinense pepper varieties usually take the longest, and, when stubborn, can sometimes take up to 4-6 weeks to germinate. Read more »

How to germinate pepper seeds faster

If you have a short season, starting peppers indoors is your best bet!

How to Make Peppers Grow Faster

How long does it take to grow peppers from seed?
Well that all depends on the pepper variety! 

Some peppers, like our earliest pepper, begins to produce a harvest in just 57 days while many super hot peppers, like the Red Bhut Jolokia Ghost Pepper, can take 110+ days to harvest. 
How long does it take to grow peppers from seed - grow the fastest growing peppers for faster harvests!
You can also grow the fastest growing peppers for quicker harvests.
Our short season peppers are fast to sprout, grow and produce pods so you can enjoy peppers from your garden faster.  

How to germinate pepper seeds fast

Remember, to germinate pepper seeds quickly, keep them warm!
The secret to germinating pepper seeds quickly is to keep them warm and moist. We like to use a seedling heat mat to keep them around 80-90˚ F for the fastest germination.

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Happy growing!