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How many pepper plants should I grow?

How many chile plants should I grow?

Knowing the right number of plants to grow is important. We all want to grow enough green chile for the summer months and even more to dry or freeze for the long winter/spring stretch.

Plant 3-5 plants per person and 12-15 plants per 4-person family. *

A large pepper plant will produce 3-4 lbs. of chiles during a growing season.

As the peppers mature cut them off the branches so the plant will continue to flower and produce more peppers.

Grow a large pepper transplant with these tips:

  1. Start your pepper seeds inside at least 8-12 weeks ahead of warm soil temperatures. **

  2. Provide bright light.

  3. Fertilize your seedlings weekly.

  4. Transplant your seedlings into 4” or 6” pots to allow them to develop large root systems.

  5. Harden off your transplants one week before planting outside in garden soil.

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    *Growing conditions and summer weather affect our best intentions. And, depending on how much you love peppers, you may want to grow more plants! 

    **Soil warms up about 4 weeks after the average date of the last spring frost. Read our more in-depth pepper growing tips »

    Photo Above: These pictures were to sent to us by a very ambitious Western gardener, check out her amazing Wyoming chile garden and her huge harvest, wow! She said she shares these with the neighborhood and friends and family. You may not be able to grow THIS many chile plants, but you can always aspire to someday! :)