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How Deep to Plant Pepper Seeds?

How deep to plant pepper seeds

If you have bought some of our chile pepper seeds, you may be wondering how deep to plant the pepper seeds – and here's the answer:

For Chile Pepper seeds, plant each seed a quarter of an inch deep or less.

Place one pepper seed into each shallow hole and cover gently with soil.
Keep the seeds evenly moist and warm (80-90˚ F) for best and fastest germination, and remember, pepper seeds are often notoriously slow to germinate – they can take anywhere from 7 to 21 days to sprout. Some seeds like the Chocolate Habanero, Fatalii, and Cayenne may take even longer to germinate. We like to use a seed heat mat to help keep them warm enough to sprout, heat helps them sprout way faster with a much better success rate.

Some people germinate their pepper seeds in aquaponic sponges, or even inside plastic bags or containers with a wet paper towel placed in a warm place. 

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One clever way to make your own seedling pots is to use towel paper or paper towel rolls, we like to put six of them into a tupperware container to hold them up and leave the bottoms open so the peppers develop nice long deep roots before planting outdoors when the weather warms up:

Toilet Paper Roll Pots for growing Pepper Seeds