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Hot Pepper Podcast from Craft Hot Sauce

Podcast about Hot Peppers

Thanks to Craic Sauce and for the mention of Sandia Seed in their latest Maker Stories Podcast, featuring an interview with Hoot Sauce Co based in England. Their Hoot Sauce sounds delicious! Make sure to give this podcast a listen, they even discuss the loch ness monster in addition to stories about making hot sauce. 

Craft Hot Sauce Podcast

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Many of our seed customers grow peppers for hot sauce, and we love hearing about your hot sauce creations! Hot sauce is one of the best ways to transform big pepper harvests into a delicious condiment that never lasts long – at least, not in our kitchen! We like to make fermented hot sauces as well as vinegar-based hot sauces. When you grow tons of different peppers, the sky is the limit to the flavor combinations!