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Habanero Pepper Seeds

Habanero Pepper Seeds - 6 Varieties

The flavor of Habaneros are unlike any other hot pepper – they seem to be oozing with addictive flavor. We have recently been getting into Habanero-based hot sauces as the flavor is just so delicious, you can't stop drizzling on more. It's hard to describe, but most say they taste very spicy with fruity and sweet flavor. This mouth-watering hot pepper pairs nicely with carrots and fruits in hot sauces.

Habanero Pepper Seeds

We're going to save room for a Habanero Patch in our garden this year, and grow all 6 of our Habanero varieties! The classic Red Caribbean Habanero has been our favorite, but we also love the flavor of Jamaican Hot Chocolate Habaneros. You can also grow the no-heat Habanero called "Trick or Treat" to cut the heat and add all that good Habanero flavor.

Habanero Pepper Seeds - Red
Grow Red Habanero Seeds »

No Heat Habanero Seeds- NuMex Trick or Treat Habanero
Grow the No-Heat Habanero, named Trick or Treat Habanero »

Chocolate Habanero Seeds - Jamaican Hot Chocolate Habanero
The super tasty Jamaican Hot Chocolate Habanero is a great choice for salsas!

White Habanero Seeds

Grow White Habanero Seeds – the plants grow quickly and produce tons of tiny pods! Great for making hot sauce or throwing into dishes to add the rich spicy habanero flavor.

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