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Growing New Mexico Chile Peppers

growing new mexico chile peppers
Do you want to grow Hatch New Mexico Chile Peppers? Well, you can! Our Hatch Chile and Green Chile seeds can be grown around the world! The most important thing for most areas is to start your seeds in a warm place indoors to get them to hatch, and then plant outside after all danger of frost and cold weather has past. 

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Hatch Chile Seeds

Wondering if you can grow Hatch chiles outside of New Mexico? Sure you can! We sell lots of Hatch chile varieties that can grow well around the world... but technically, if isn't grown in the Hatch region of New Mexico, you can't call it an official "Hatch chile" – but we think that's ok, as homegrown green chiles taste great no matter where you grow them. And for some reason, homegrown chiles seem to taste best. Maybe we're biased as gardeners, ha!

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Get some Hatch Green Chile seeds today
and grow some New Mexico to your garden. 

hatch chile seeds

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