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Grow a Hatch Patch

Hatch Patch- grow your own Hatch Chiles from Seed!

If you love growing vegetables, then you should grow your own Hatch Patch! What is Hatch? Hatch chiles are the most delicious chiles you can grow. If you have ever lived in New Mexico or tasted Hatch green chile then you know you can’t live without it!

Even if you don't live in New Mexico, you can experience that wonderful flavor of green chile wherever you live by growing them yourself! Be prepared because green chile is addictive, just ask any New Mexican. Like Champagne, the Hatch name comes from the region that the chiles are grown in. There are lots of different varieties of Hatch chiles grown in the Hatch area of New Mexico.

They are said to have the world's best chile flavor due to the soil and climate that you can only get in Hatch, NM. So technically, if you don't grow these varieties in the Hatch region, then you can't call them authentic Hatch chiles. But we think they still taste great no matter where you live in the world, and, for a lot of people who are not in New Mexico, it's hard to even get Hatch chile! Especially fresh. Fresh Red Hatch Chile, for example, is quite perishable so you usually can't find it in stores or markets. So why not grow your own?

Hatch Patch in Japan

Above: A Hatch Patch growing in Japan by one of our seed customers. Learn more about these amazing farmers growing green chile in Japan »

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Hatch Patch - Hatch Chiles grown from Seed from

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