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Fertilizing Peppers

Fertilizing Peppers

Fertilizing Peppers: What do you feed your peppers?

We don't go crazy with fertilizing peppers, in fact, we don't fertilize pepper seedlings until after they get their first set of leaves. Even then, we like to use organic liquid fertilizer at 1/2 strength – don't overdo it! Peppers don't like to be over fertilized.

Once you transplant them outdoors, we find that peppers do best when you feed the soil!

How do you feed the soil? We like to add homemade compost or earthworm castings and we use fish fertilizer occasionally during the season to give them a boost. We wouldn't recommend using fish fertilizers indoors as they'll stink it up! 

Avoid Too Much Nitrogen:
Whatever you do, don't use fertilizers with a lot of nitrogen, especially as your plants start blooming, as too much nitrogen can result in plants with all leaves and no blooms!


Fertilizing Peppers in Pots:
If you are growing peppers in pots, make sure to use good quality potting soil that drains well and that the container has plenty of holes– peppers don't like soggy soil! We like to fertilize the pots by mixing in compost before planting, and then treating with fish emulsions or earthworm castings a couple times during the summer months.


Fertilizing Peppers - Green chile plants love compost!


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