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Early Tomatoes: Varieties

Early Tomatoes Varieties

Looking for early tomato varieties?

Sandia Seed has several ultra early tomato plants that are sure to please any tomato-lover. Our fastest growing tomatoes are also some of the best tasting tomatoes, too, so make sure to grow a few of these early tomato varieties in your garden to enjoy a longer tomato harvest season. These tomatoes are also great to grow if you're starting seeds later than you wanted, tomato seeds sprout fast and grow into robust plants quickly, so these short season tomato varieties will help you get a harvest in before winter comes! We have a lot of short season tomato varieties including several fastest growing cherry tomatoes, short season beefsteak tomatoes, short season paste tomatoes, and our earliest tomato, the Glacier tomato which starts to harvest in 56-63 days and is extremely cold tolerant.

Early Tomatoes Varieties: Glacier Heirloom Tomato Seeds

Expect higher-than-average and early yields of reddish-orange fruits when you grow the Glacier tomato! This tomato has an outstanding flavor and grows on potato leaf plants.

We think some of the Best Tasting Short Season tomatoes include cherry tomatoes such as:

Early Tomatoes Varieties: Gardener's Delight Seeds

Early Tomatoes Varieties: Black Prince Heirloom Seeds

Early Tomatoes Varieties: Mexico Midget

Another great tasting early tomato variety is this giant beefsteak:

Berkeley Tie-Dye Tomato Seeds
Our Berkeley Tie-Dye tomato is a super fast
growing beefsteak tomato that is sure to please.

This port wine-colored beefsteak with metallic green stripes may be the prettiest tomato you’ve ever grown. The flesh is pink with yellow streaks and the flavor is outstanding - sweet, rich, dark heirloom tomato flavor. Be sure to bring this one to the tomato-tasting contest. Beautiful, early, and sweet flavor.


Tomato Maturity Chart coming soon!
For now, check out any of the varieties in our
Short Season Tomatoes collection »

Looking to make sauce?
Check out this great short season paste tomato:

Early Tomatoes Varieties: Paste Tomato: Martino's Roma

Martino's Roma Heirloom Tomato is a great Early Paste Tomato

A compact Italian variety that produces an abundance of small Roma tomatoes. The very heavy set of mild 2-3 ounce fruits are perfectly suited for making sauce, salsa, and paste. Get ready for a huge crop of tomatoes to ripen all within a two-week span starting around 75 days from planting the seeds.

Find the rest of our Early Tomato Varieties:

Short Season Tomatoes