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Tomato - Mexico Midget Seeds

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This south-of-the-border favorite continues to always prove its value as a salad tomato.  These tiny red cherry tomato fruits have a big heirloom flavor and are sure to surprise your taste buds. The plant gets overloaded with trusses of 1/2" fruit that weigh it down. Needs staking.

This heirloom tomato originally came from Barney Laman in the 1990’s, who claimed they were the world's smallest tomato. Original seeds were collected by his brother, who drove hay between Texas and Mexico. His brother saw it growing wild in Mexico and collected some fruit to give to him. Barney saved the tiny seeds from those tomatoes and grew new plants from them. He found them to be the same addictive luscious flavor he had found in the wild.

Open-pollinated heirloom (65-70 days) 

Plant Habit: Indeterminate. Plant Size: 4’.  Fruit Color: Red. Shape: Round. Size: 1/2”. 

10 seeds


All of our seeds are GMO-free.

Customer Reviews

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Cathy Vau
Mirasol seeds

Just received my chili seeds as well as our grow tent. Will start planting. So excited...

Great little tomato

Wanted an heirloom tomato and had to be small because we live in MN.
I started the seeds indoors and now they are in garden, of course, and 6 ft. tall!
The stems are sturdy, plants are very healthy, Little tomatoes are delicious. We could not be more pleased with our purchase

Great taste great plant

Great plant just have double the space you think you need and be prepared grows fast and mine got to 7 feet tall so 4 foot was way off