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Carolina Reaper Seeds for Sale

Carolina Reaper Seeds for Sale

If you're looking for Carolina Reaper seeds, make sure to checkout Sandia Seed! We have the least-expensive Carolina Reaper seeds online! At just $3.99 for 10 seeds, our Carolina Reaper Seeds' price is hard to beat.

Quality Carolina Reaper Seeds at the Best Price
Our seeds are also quality seeds (not from China!), and we back them up with our Replacement Seeds or Money Back Guarantee: If your seeds fail to germinate, after following our website germination instructions, we will replace your seeds or give you your money back. 

Can you grow Carolina Reapers at home?
Yes, if you can grow tomatoes, you can likely grow Carolina Reaper seeds and get a harvest! Here are some tips for growing the Carolina Reaper.

How to Grow Carolina Reaper

How to Grow Carolina Reaper »

Having a hard time getting your Carolina Reaper seeds to sprout?
The main trick is to keep them warm (80-90˚ F), which ensures a much higher rate of germination. For more tips on how to get the most sprouts from your Carolina Reaper seeds, check out our tips for the best germination of Carolina Reaper seeds.