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Carolina Reaper Seeds - Best Germination

Carolina Reaper Seeds

We have our high-quality Carolina Reaper seeds for sale! Carolina Reaper peppers are the hottest peppers in the world. People love to grow them to use for hot sauce or Carolina Reaper Salsa

Carolina Reaper Seeds - grown from seed

Great Germination:
Our Carolina Reaper seeds have great germination, we have had numerous customers report that they have had nearly 100% germination of our Carolina Reaper seeds. Super hot pepper seeds are notoriously slow to sprout, the trick is to keep them warm (80-90˚ F), which ensures a much higher rate of germination. 

Carolina Reaper Seeds - Deal on three seed packets

We also have discounted Carolina Reaper seeds for sale in discounted three-packs, paired with the popular Bhut Jolokia Red Ghost Pepper as well as the Trinidad Scorpion Seeds, both almost equally as hot as the Reaper! This 3-pack of pepper seeds is a great way to grow three varieties of super hot peppers at a great price, as they're 15% off when purchased together. If you like to make hot sauce or salsas, this is a great seed deal. If you're looking to grow even more plants for mass production, you can also check out our Bulk Carolina Reaper Seeds with 100 seeds so you can grow a huge garden of Reapers.

We also have YELLOW Carolina Reaper seeds, which are sure to please your eyes and palette. These beautiful yellow gems are still furiously hot with a citrus-flavor. If you like to grow Carolina Reaper seeds, be sure to add this yellow version to your collection. 

Carolina Reaper Seeds - Yellow!
Want to learn more about how to grow Carolina Reaper seeds? 

Here are a few tips:
• Keep the seeds warm when sprouting!
• Once growing, keep the soil damp but never wet.
• Grow in full sun! 
• Grow in well-draining soil, peppers hate wet feet.

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