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Can you put pepper plants together in one big pot?

Can you put pepper plants together in one big pot?

Should you put more than
one pepper plant in a pot?

Our answer: 
It depends on how big the pot is – the bigger the better if you want to grow more than one pepper plant per pot.

We think it's best to separate them. We like to use 5-7 gallon pots for peppers, as we find that too small of a pot, they dry out too quickly and hinder the growth. Some people plant up to 3 plants per five gallon bucket, but we've found that they won't do as well as if each one had their own bucket. The bigger the pot the better the yield!

As soon as peppers start to grow, they'll be like children, fighting for dominance – and we find that pots planted with more than one pepper usually has a clear winner, and the harvest doesn't seem as big.

So we recommend giving them as much room as you can! That said, there are no mistakes in gardening, and we've put peppers into pots with other peppers to enjoy on the patio and we still get some peppers. But if you're looking for big harvests, give them space. Better yet, plant them in the ground, where they can really grow big in your garden. We find that ground-grown peppers produce the biggest harvests of all. Afterall, planet earth is just one giant round container! :) 

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