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Best Mulch for Tomatoes and Peppers

Best Mulch for Tomatoes and Peppers

There are lots of options for the Best Mulch for Tomatoes and Peppers, you can use fine wood mulch, compost, grass clippings, paper mulch, fabric, straw, leaves or newspaper. We think the best mulches are grass clippings or good compost as they help feed the soil. Mulching can prevent a lot of problems in the garden.

Shown below is a pepper plant (grown from Piquillo pepper seeds) that is mulched with B.O.S.S. Black Tea Compost. This is B.O.S.S. Compost's top of the line Class 1 Compost which rich in water absorbing organic matter, while being low in salts.  This compost is formulated to have a neutral/low PH to help counteract and remediate high alkaline soils. With these natural advantages, this Black Tea Compost helps in with seed germination when used as topdressing or mulch. This special compost is made from combining enzyme rich animal feed, baby poultry bird bedding, and high-quality horse bedding that contains flailed wood shavings, alfalfa, and straw.  After all these ingredients have been mixed, composted, and cured we end up with premium compost diverse in healthy micro-life. It makes the perfect mulch for tomatoes and peppers! Call your local landscaping supply companies and find out what compost they have that would make great mulch, or use grass clippings from your yard if you have grass! Leaves also make great mulch. 

Piquillo Pepper Seeds

Mulching Peppers helps conserve moisture & cut down on Weeds

You can use good compost like B.O.S.S. Black Tea Compost, fine wood mulch, leaves, or grass clippings or weed-free hay to mulch peppers and tomatoes. Mulch helps to smother weeds which would otherwise reduce air circulation around your pepper and tomato plants and increase the likelyhood of fungal diseases. Weeds can be also be hosts for pathogens, so keeping a nice layer of mulch and weeding regularly will keep your peppers healthier. Mulch also helps prevent moisture from evaporating from the soil as quickly, keeping it more evenly moist, which helps prevent problems related to water uptake like blossom end rot on tomatoes. Applying compost to the top layer of soil also prevents water and wind erosion.

Mulching Tomatoes to cut down on Disease

Mulching Tomatoes helps cut down on Diseases like Blight!

Did you know that mulching your tomatoes helps reduce soil born diseases like Blight? Any good compost or mulch will do. It helps keep water from splashing soil into the leaves. It's also good to prune the lowest sets of leaves to keep the air circulating under the plant for optimal health.


Mulch for Peppers
Leaves make great mulch, especially during the fall and winter months! 

Peppers are easy to grow from seed!

Sandia Seed specializes in New Mexican Green Chile like Hatch Chile seeds, plus lots of amazing rare pepper seed varieties from around the world, so check out our seed collections for super hot pepper seeds, hot pepper seeds, Hatch chile seeds, and sweet pepper seeds. We also sell super flavorful Heirloom Tomato seeds which go great with chiles. :) 

Happy growing!