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Best Gifts for Gardeners: Chile Seeds

Valentine for a Gardener

Today is Valentine's Day, so here'a little love poem:

Roses are red

Violets are blue
Chiles are green & red ...

l bet you were expecting something romantic...
but nope, these are just gardening facts.

Pepper seeds make the BEST Valentine's Day gifts for the special gardener in your life. Keep it spicy with our super hot pepper seeds, or get sweet with our sweet pepper seeds. Or, if you and your love crave New Mexican Hatch Green Chile as much as we do, make sure to check out our Hatch chile seeds.  We also have precious Heirloom tomato seeds that are sure to please!

If you're not sure which seeds to get,
a Sandia Seed Gift Card is also a perfect gift!

Seeds are a great gift as they are the gift of a bountiful harvest that can be shared and enjoyed in recipes all summer long. Peppers are super easy to grow, and are quite beautiful, too! (see our Pepper Plants are Beautiful blog post!) Chile peppers add lots of flavor and spice to any dish.