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Pepper Plants are Beautiful

Goat Horn Pepper Seeds - Beautiful Pepper Plants
Goat Horn Pepper Seeds - Beautiful Pepper Plants

The photos are of a Goat Horn Pepper in a ceramic pot - beautiful, right?

Did you know that pepper plants are one of the jewels of the garden? Chile pepper plants rarely have diseases or pests as other vegetables often do, so the plants look beautiful all summer long. The pepper blossoms are beautiful, too, and the bees and pollinators love them! 

If you're desiring a beautiful vegetable garden this year, consider growing the huge variety of beautiful peppers – here are some of our favorites for beauty:

Goat Horn Pepper Seeds
Numex Twilight Pepper Seeds
Lemon Spice Jalpeño Seeds

Lemon Spice Jalapeño Seeds
Numex Twilight Pepper Seeds