Hottest Pepper in the World

Posted on 09 January 2016


This chart below shows the Sandia Seed Company peppers listed by Scoville Heat Units. The superhot peppers at the bottom of the list have similar levels of extreme heat, and any one of them could be the hottest pepper this season. The Trinidad Moruga Scorpion has consistently been the hottest from our trials. See for yourself! 

The Trinidad Moruga Scorpion can be just as hot as Carolina Reaper!

Here is a list of all the green chile seeds we offer in mild to hot order.

Paprika, Poblano, Anaheim
Mild: Pasilla, Heritage 6-4, Big Jim Legacy.
Medium: Big Jim Heritage, Joe E. Parker, Hatch Green Chile, Guajillo, Chimayo, Espanola Improved, Fresno, Santa Fe Grande.
Hot: Hatch Red, Sandia Hot, Barker's Hot, Lumbre.
Extra Hot: Early Jalapeno, Serrano.

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