Pepper Seeds

Posted on 02 September 2015

Pepper Seeds

Sandia Seed has pepper seeds from all the chile peppers you can think of: hatch chile pepper seeds, anaheim pepper seeds, bhut jolokia ghost pepper seeds, habanero seeds, jalapeno seeds, and sweet pepper seeds such as shishito pepper seeds, which are wonderful japanese peppers that are very popular with chefs!

Our GMO-free Pepper seeds are gathered fresh every year from New Mexican farms, bringing you the authentic New Mexican hatch chile varieties, as well as some of the hottest pepper seeds you can grow!

If you like spicy, or just like the complex flavors that sweet peppers bring to your dishes, growing peppers from seed is for you!


Top 8 reasons why peppers are great to grow:

  1. Pepper seeds are easy to grow! Read our pepper seed growing instructions here »
  2. They're smaller than tomatoes and other veggies, so you can grow a lot more plants and varieties in less space.They also look pretty all season long, unlike tomatoes and zucchinis, which start to sprawl and get messy at the end of the season.
  3. There is a huge variety of flavors, from super hot pepper seeds, to sweet peppers – all with complex flavors that liven up all sorts of dishes. Each pepper has it's own flavor, so make sure to try lots of varieties and try them all!
  4. Peppers have better disease resistance than other plants and resist powdery mildew, blight and other diseases, typically staying healthy and strong all season long. Bugs don't even seem to like them!
  5. You can overwinter pepper plants indoors if you have a good bright space!
  6. Peppers store fresh longer than a lot of produce like tomatoes.
  7. You can let some peppers dry on the vine, or simply hang or dehydrate so you can use them all year long!
  8. Peppers are awesome. They are colorful, complex, spicy, sweet and fun.


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