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2021 Seed Catalog is at the Printer!

Sandia Seed's brand new 2021 Seed Catalog is at the Printer and should be arriving to be ready to ship out in a couple weeks in early January. So, if you are looking for something exciting to grow, you have found the right place. Enjoy our new 2021 Seed Catalog and we hope you find a new variety to grow along with your favorites. Sandia Seed expands our seed catalog every year to meet demand for different and unique peppers. This year is no different with 8 new seed varieties.  

Here at Sandia Seed Company we love our green chile and are proud to offer the best selection New Mexican chile seeds in the world. In 2008, we were founded on the idea that seeds for green chile peppers should be available for everyone. So, during the past 12 years, we have grown from our original six green chile seed choices to now over twenty peppers from New Mexico. Our complete catalog has a total of 106 specialty peppers from sweet to super-hot, 45 heirloom tomatoes, and now organic seeds for 20 vegetables.


New Peppers for 2021:
The long awaited super-hot Dragon’s Breath Pepper seeds are here. This pepper is contending with Carolina Reaper to be the next hottest pepper in the world. We added two more super-hots; the breath-taking Chocolate Carolina Reaper, and the tasty Komodo Dragon from the UK. We now have seeds for the jumbo CaJohns Serrano, the two deliciously thick and flavorful Mirasol Pueblo peppers. Lastly, the small Sweet Cherry pepper and the beautiful NuMex Easter ornamental pepper seeds complete for our new offerings.
New Vegetables for 2021:
We have created the GetReal Grow Food Vegetable Collection with organic non-GMO seeds for dependable and easy to grow vegetables. As you know the food industry is complex and it is a good idea to have a source of food right at home. Let’s get real and grow food!
Below are some pages of our 2021 Seed Catalog to check out: 
2021 Seed Catalog from Sandia Seed
2021 Seed Catalog from Sandia Seed - Hatch Chile Seeds from New Mexico

It is important to us to sell the highest quality seeds available, ship them quickly, and provide great customer service.

Order early to ensure you receive the varieties you are planning to grow. Thank you for growing our seeds!