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Tomato - Super Sioux Heirloom Seeds - ON SALE

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Open-pollinated, Heirloom  (71 days)

Fruit Color: Red. Shape: Round. Size: 4-6 oz. Plant Habit: Semi-determinate  Plant Size: 5’

Round red 4-6 oz. tomatoes have an excellent balance of sweet and acidic flavors. The thick-walled, crack-free, red globes are perfect for canning. 

Notable for its ability to thrive in hot dry climates.

History: The heirloom tomato Sioux was released in 1944 by the University of Nebraska. The Super Sioux is a later selection with a larger size, improved taste, and more disease resistance. The flavor is an exquisite blend of sweet, acidic, and earthy flavors. A perfect variety for hot and dry climates.

Non-GMO    10 Seeds

All of our seeds are GMO-free.

What is a semi-determinate tomato?
Semi-determinate tomatoes are somewhere between determinate and indeterminate tomato varieties. Generally, these plants are taller than the bush habit of the determinate varieties and yet not as sprawling as the indeterminate varieties. This category usually holds tomatoes that are hard to classify.

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