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Zucchini: The most abundant crop!

Zucchini Season

It's open season for zucchini! 😉

Do you grow the infamous
Black Beauty Zucchini summer squash?

Black Beauty produces a huge crop of tender zucchini squash during the summer. Harvest zucchini squash when the fruits are small. This will result in a more tender and flavorful squash. Easy to grow and a great choice for the beginner gardener. These are one of the first of the summer vegetables to harvest, and one of the last – they just keep coming all summer long! And, they're super fast growing, with zucchinis showing up in as fast as 55 days after direct sowing in the garden!

Zucchini Seeds

Giant zucchini are perfect for this
Spicy Zucchini Fritters Recipe »

You can also dice zucchini up and add into tacos, burritos, stir fries, stews, or even roast them in a pan on the grill with some garlic, olives and hot pepper flakes, they are so versatile!

Fried Zucchini Blossoms

Make sure to try our Fried Zucchini Blossoms Recipe and use some of your blossoms for these special treats.

Giant Zucchini Recipe

If you get some giant zucchini – which is not uncommon, they like to "hide" amongst the foliage – be sure to make this Spicy Zucchini Fritters Recipe with the harvest - you can make a huge batch and use up a ton of zucchini:
Spicy Zucchini Fritters Recipe »

Don't let people tell you that smaller zucchini are the only edible ones, the big ones are just as good! They may not be quite as tender, but they are great for making fritters or casseroles, so don't let them go to waste!

At the end of the season, you can also carve the giant zucchinis into jack-o-lanterns by cutting them in half and scooping out the middle. Check out these fun zucchini jack-o-lanterns below: 

Carved Giant Zucchini for Halloween
These carved zucchini decorations are real conversation starters on Halloween with trick-or-treaters!

So grow zucchini!
You won't be sad that you did.

Believe us, you'll have so many zucchini that you'll have to share with the neighborhood!