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Yellow Pepper Seeds

Yellow Pepper Seeds grow into beautiful plants and chile peppers – Sandia Seed has a great variety of yellow peppers that you can easily grow from seeds. Check out some of favorite varieties below or you can also click here to do a Search for Yellow Peppers »

The Yellow Brain Strain / Yellow 7 Pot Pepper is extremely hot and rivals some of the hottest peppers in the world. It looks like a brain because of its lumpy appearance, but brain strain is actually what happens when you eat it!
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Sweet Hungarian Yellow Wax Pepper Seeds - Great for short season climates. Lighter and more delicate than bell peppers is part of this pepper's charm, because of its less assertive taste and thin flesh. These peppers get sweeter when left to ripen on the plant. Matures from green to orange and then red, and are delicious in all colors.

Yellow Bhut Jolokia Seeds: The Yellow Bhut Jolokia is a natural variant of the red Bhut Jolokia, but with a better flavor. It has a sweet and fruity bhut jolokia flavor with citrus undertones. Bright yellow 3” - 4“ pods grow on very productive 30” tall plants. It looks similar to Fatalii and Devil’s Tongue, but it is much hotter!

Aji Amarillo Chile Seeds: Aji Amarillo is the chile most frequently used in Peru and probably the most important ingredient in Peruvian cooking. Aji means chili pepper and amarillo means yellow in Spanish. This chile is found in the famous appetizer Papa a la Huancaína (Potatoes with Spicy Cheese Sauce), and in the classic dish Ají de Gallina (Peruvian Creamed Spicy Chicken). 



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