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Wholesale Seed Packets

Wholesale Seed Packets from Sandia Seed:
Wholesale Seed Packets from
Sandia Seed offers Wholesale Seed Packets to shops and plant nurseries around the country! We have a great Wholesale Seed program for plant nurseries, garden centers, gift shops and local hardware stores!

Wholesale Seed Packets: Hatch Green Chile from Sandia Seed

Sandia Seed offers Wholesale Seeds for peppers of the world, including over 
100+ pepper seeds and some of our favorite 44+ tomato seeds including lots of heirloom and organic varieties from around the world. Sandia Seed specializes in New Mexican Chile seeds like the famous Big Jims, Anaheims and Hatch chile varieties. We also have a great selection of the hottest pepper seeds as well as sweet pepper seeds and everything in-between. Due to customer demand, we have also added a Get Real Gardening line of organic vegetable seeds that are easy to grow, including zucchini, cilantro, lettuce, spinach, oregano, pumpkins and many more. 

Wholesale Seed Packets from Sandia Seed - Sell Peppers of the World!

Wholesale Seed Packets for Resale: 
For our wholesale seed customers, we offer our seeds at a 50% discount so you can offer all of our peppers from around the world to your customers. When you buy seed packets in bulk, you can save 50% on our retail prices. We also offer colorful seed display racks to display any of our seeds in your store.

Wholesale Seed Packets: NuMex Twilight Peppers are beautiful and a customer favorite!

Shown above are our NuMex Twilight Peppers.
These are a customer favorite and are gorgeous in the garden or in containers.
Buy wholesale seed packets for these to share with your customers! 

Wholesale Seed Packets from Sandia Seed - sell seeds for hundreds of Peppers of the World!

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Thanks to all of our customers for spreading the love of growing peppers and veggies from around the world! Happy growing!