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Where can I buy Piquillo pepper seeds?

Piquillo Pepper Recipe - grow your own Piquillos!

Buy rare Piquillo pepper seeds from Sandia Seed! Piquillo Peppers are quite delicious, they have a smoky and almost buttery flavor when simply roasted with just a hint of spice.

Piquillo peppers are hard to find in grocery stores and farmers markets as they are a European PDO (Protected Denomination of Origin) pepper,  and cannot be commercially grown outside the Navarra, Spain region. So, unless you're getting imported Piquillo peppers (typically these come in jars, which are also hard to find), then you can't taste their amazing flavor.

So why not grow them in your home vegetable garden? Note that Piquillo seeds can be slightly difficult to germinate like many peppers – so keep them consistently warm and moist at 80-90˚ F to get them to sprout, and don't be impatient, sometimes they take 10-20+ days to germinate. Once they sprout they will grow into robust plants that are heavily loaded up with large Piquillo peppers. 

Homemade Marinated Piquillo Peppers Recipe

If you grow your own Piquillo pepper seeds, then you should definitely try out our super simple Marinated Piquillo Peppers Recipe. When Piquillo peppers are roasted and marinated, they are delicious with crackers or added to recipes like potato soups and stews. 

Once you try growing and eating these Piquillo Peppers, you'll want to grow them every year! Sandia Seed offers these special Piquillo pepper seeds so you can grow your own, even if you don't live in Spain.

Happy growing!