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What is so special about Aleppo pepper?

What is so special about the Aleppo Pepper?

What is so special about Aleppo pepper?

The Aleppo pepper was named the Herb of the Month by the Herb Society of America in September 2023 because of it's outstanding qualities. The Aleppo pepper is delicious as it's mildly spicy and wonderfully sweet – reminiscent of sun-dried tomatoes or raisins combined with cumin and fruity citrus. Their rich flavor and color add depth to any dish – so make sure to grow Aleppo peppers in your garden to store in your spice cabinet! They dry easily and make great crushed pepper flakes, so that you can add tons of flavor to any dish.

Aleppo Pepper Seeds
Aleppo peppers are hard to find in stores, sometimes you may be able to find them in middle eastern stores or markets, but fret not if you can't find them. Grow your own Aleppo peppers and you can easily dry them to store with your spices for use year-round in the kitchen. When you grow it yourself, you can ensure it's grown organically without herbicides or pesticides, and you know exactly what it is. :) These are easy to start from seed, so pick up a packet of Aleppo seeds today and grow them in your garden or a pot.

Aleppo Peppers