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Vitamin Packed Chile Peppers Save Lives!

Chile pepper seeds

Did you know that chiles are a great source of Vitamin C and have saved lives?

It's true! Back in 1751, the Santisima Trinidad ship was sailing home from Mexico when the trade winds ceased, which caused the ship to be stranded in the middle of the ocean because it could not sail without wind. Luckily, the Doctor on board had brought dried chiles on board and they were used as an emergency source of Vitamin C to keep the sailors from getting scurvy while they waited for the winds to return.

So yes, chiles can SAVE your life! :)

Another fact:
One fresh medium-sized green chile pod has as much Vitamin C as six oranges!

Grow your own Hatch chile seeds, hot pepper seeds, or sweet pepper seeds. We have a great variety of pepper seeds that are easy to grow at home so you can add the vitamin-C packed chile peppers to all your meals. 

Here are some more reasons that Chiles are good for your health: 


Here are Eight Reasons that Chiles are Good for You*:

  1. Assists prevention of diabetes (of course, eating lots of veggies is good for you!)
  2. Good for Heart Health (yes, veggies are good for you!)
  3. Assists with Weight Loss (eating more veggies and less junk food will do that!)
  4. Anti-inflammatory (unless you eat a Carolina Reaper, then your mouth will be inflamed!)
  5. Clears congestion (have you ever ate something spicy to de-congest? It works!)
  6. Boosts immunity
  7. Pain Reliever (or pain inducer, depending on the chile heat level! ;)
  8. And best of all... peppers make your mouth happy. ;) 


Grow Organic!
Growing peppers organically without pesticides or chemical fertilizers also ensures that you have clean, healthy peppers to eat. It's hard to find organic chiles and peppers at the store, so grow them yourself! We love making homemade compost¬†to grow lots of peppers using just compost, soil and sunshine ‚Äď no fertilizer needed! Learn more about how¬†Compost helps grow Huge Chiles ¬Ľ


Chile SeedsGrowing peppers from seed is easy! 
It is super easy to grow any of the hundreds of chile pepper varieties from seed! Sandia Seed sells all sorts of easy-to-grow 
Hatch chile seeds,¬†green chile seeds,¬†hot pepper seeds,¬†sweet pepper seeds¬†and even¬†Heirloom tomato seeds!¬†¬†Learn more about¬†how to grow peppers ¬Ľ


Get some Hatch Green Chile seeds today and grow a little bit of New Mexico in your garden, where ever you live!

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