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The 6 Most Popular Tomatoes

These six tomatoes are the most popular for all the right reasons. Five are hybrids that have proved themselves over several decades of growing seasons. The sixth, Cherokee Purple, is the only non-hybrid on the list. It is one of the most delicious open-pollinated heirloom tomatoes and a winning favorite at taste contests.

Better Boy Hybrid – This improved version of Big Boy is more resistant to common tomato diseases, but still has Big Boy's extra-large fruit. Expect an abundant crop of deep red, 1-pound slicers that are ready to harvest in just 70 to 75 days. Produces high yields that mature mid-season and continue to produce until frost. It is an AAS All-America Selections winner as an outstanding tomato and one of the best performers in many climates. Better Boy Seeds 

Big Beef Hybrid - This is the perfect variety to slice for your sandwiches and salads throughout the summer. This large red hybrid, is 4 to 6 inches in diameter, weighs up to 12 ounces, and is ready for harvest in 70 days. This variety has a long, bountiful harvest period and a nice sweet flavor. Noted for its firmness and resistance to splitting and disease, this is an ideal choice for a home gardener and for a beginner to growing tomatoes. It will produce reliably in cool and wet weather. Another AAS All-America Selections winner, confirming it as an outstanding variety. Big Beef Seeds 

Bush Early Girl Hybrid – This hybrid tomato grows well both in the garden and in containers, making it ideal for gardeners with big plans but limited space. The plant is stronger than many other tomato varieties and produces a lot of leaves that shade the fruit and protect it from the sun as it ripens. It produces good early yields of 4 inch diameter tomatoes with excellent flavor in just 59 days. Its early fruit ripening make it a popular tomato with home gardeners. Bush Early Girl tomatoes are larger and more flavorful than Early Girl. Bush Early Girl Seeds 

Celebrity Hybrid –  A very dependable variety that produces fruit, with exceptional flavor, in just 65 days. The 8 oz. tomatoes are ideal for slicing, canning and sauces. This AAS All-America Selection winner has been a favorite with gardeners for decades. Its growth is semi-determinate, because it only grows to a certain height of 4 feet and then will produce fruit all season until frost. This plant has fantastic disease resistance and the fruit resists cracking. Celebrity Seeds

Super Sweet 100 Hybrid - These cherry-sized fruits are produced in long pendulous clusters right up until frost. It has improved disease fighting ability and is easily to grown on stakes or in tall cages. This improved variety has all the taste and bounty of Sweet 100, but more hardiness and less cracking. This cherry tomato is a well-established favorite, because of its very sweet taste and its perfect bite size. Large vines can grow to 8 feet. Super Sweet 100 Seeds

Cherokee Purple Heirloom – This heirloom tomato is grown for its superior flavor and large fruits, which span up to about 5 inches and mature in 75–90 days. Their excellent flavor is extremely sweet and complex, and the beautiful large 12 oz. fruits are the color of dusky rose and purple. Its history claims that it was grown by one family for over 100 years, and that the seeds were originally from Cherokee Indians. A few old seeds were found and it has been resurrected into a nationwide favorite. Cherokee Purple Seeds

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