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Spinach Seeds

Spinach Seeds

Winter Gardening: Did you know? 

While you may be starting your pepper seeds indoors in the winter months, did you know that you can also garden outside even in cold winter climates? 

Spinach is an excellent choice for winter and early 
spring sowing as it is extremely cold hardy. As the temperature decreases the plant increases the sugar content in its vasculature. This essentially acts as an “anti-freeze” to protect the plant. Growth is greatly slowed by temperature and lack of sunlight during the darkest winter months, but spinach quickly takes off once the days start getting longer so you'll have a big crop in the early spring. 


Sowing Spinach Seeds in Winter

You can direct sow spinach seeds in the garden in the fall/winter/early spring months, and, with a little cover (like a milk jug top, or an overturned clear plant saucer, or other clear plastic that lets sunlight through and traps the heat - make sure it has some holes or is propped up to let the steam out on sunny days) they should sprout and start growing well in February and March. See the above spinach seedlings started under a cracked old plant pot saucer in the winter. You could also start spinach seeds indoors and then transplant them outdoors in late winter/early spring. Make sure to harden them off first! 

Spinach Seeds - Bloomdale harvest

Our Bloomsdale Spinach has thick, crinkly, dark green leaves that have a rich nutty flavor. It grows quickly and handles hot weather better than other varieties. This spinach is very reliable and heavy yielding. A popular heirloom that is easy to grow and tastes great fresh or cooked.

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Organic Spinach Seeds - Bloomsdale