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Small Seed Company

Small Seed Company - Sandia Seed

Small Seed Company - Sandia Seed Owner Patsy ColesSupporting small seed companies is a great way to diversify your garden and the world's seed diversity! To help keep seeds available for your vegetable garden that are not associated with GMOs, Bayer / Monsanto, then purchasing your seeds from small seed companies that sell non-GMO and Heirloom seeds is a small way you can help.

Sandia Seed is a small seed company started by Patsy Coles, who loves growing New Mexican green chiles. She founded Sandia Seed as she found it was hard to get New Mexican green chile seeds in seed packets for growing in home gardens, most had to be bought in bulk. So she started this small seed company to offer a better variety of pepper seeds for home gardeners. Over time, Sandia Seed has partnered with pepper growers around the world to offer more and more peppers from around the world, and we now sell over 100 different varieties of chile peppers. See our full online seed catalog to see all the seeds we carry on one page. 


Small Seed Company Seed Catalog from Sandia Seed

In 2020, we're offering our first-ever printed Seed Catalog which also features all of our seeds from our website, plus lots of recipes, pepper growing tips and fun chile facts. 

Small Seed Company specializing in Chile Peppers from around the World

Our small seed company specializes in offering the infamous New Mexican Hatch chile seeds which are know around the world for their exceptional smoky spicy flavor in recipes. If you like super spicy, then make sure to grow any of our favorite super hot peppers including the hottest pepper in the world, the Carolina Reaper! And we also offer sweet pepper seeds for everyone who likes flavor – peppers are one of the best vegetables you can grow in your garden for flavor, productivity, and beauty. View our small seed company's full online seed catalog that features over 100 peppers and 44 tomatoes!

Small Seed Company - Sandia Seed Rack with owner Patsy Coles

We also love working with hardware stores, plant nurseries and garden centers to offer our seeds for peppers from around the world. We have a great Wholesale Seed program and we also offer beautiful seed racks to display in shops. 

Thank you for supporting our small seed company! We will continue to work to offer new peppers from around the world and heirloom tomatoes as well! 

Small Seed Company for Super Hot Peppers - Sandia Seed

Small Seed Company - Seed Rack with over 100 Chile Peppers from around the World!
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If your favorite local garden shop doesn't carry our seeds, just ask! Many garden customers will work to bring in small seed company seeds for their customers if requested. If you own your own shop and want to sell our chile pepper or tomato seeds, check out our Wholesale Seed page with wholesale seed pricing, wholesale seed collections, and seed racks and displays.