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Small Pumpkin Shaped Medium Hot Peppers

Small Pumpkin Shaped Hot Peppers for Carving
Looking for Small Pumpkin Shaped Medium Hot Peppers? Well check out these varieties below, these orange peppers are great for carving into miniature jack-o-lanterns! 

The Manzano or Orange Rocoto pepper is pumpkin (or apple) shaped and is a hot pepper that's geat for carving (with gloves!). This unusual cool-weather pepper originates in South America and grows on the Andean mountain slopes. It is among the oldest of domesticated chiles being cultivated for thousands of years. This pepper, also known as the "Apple Chile," is very unique because it has black seeds, and hairy leaves. It blooms with beautiful purple six-point star shaped flowers. It has a small 2” apple shape, and pod flesh is thick, and the flavor is sweet with a citrus taste.

You can also grow our NuMex Trick or Treat pepper, which is a no-heat Habanero that is a bright pumpkin orange. These peppers are great for carving as they don't have any heat. Think habanero flavor but without the spice, and you have these orange peppers. See them growing below: 

And lastly, you can also grow our Yellow Bell peppers called Golden Cal Wonder Bell Peppers  that are more yellow than orange, but they have a nice blunt pumpkin shape, and are also nice and large and easy to carve into jack-o-lanterns.These are also sweet so they won't burn your fingers when carving!