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Should I Plant a Garden?

Should I plant a Garden? Patsy from Sandia Seed says yes!

Of course you should plant a garden! Gardening is one of the most wonderful things you can do with your time. Once you plant a seed and watch it grow into  beautiful flowers, or a huge tomato plant or a robust pepper plant loaded with green chiles, you will fall in love with gardening. When you pick your first vegetable or fruit to eat, it's an amazing feeling of accomplishment and gratitude. When you see the first bumblebee visiting the flowers blooming in your native garden, you will experience the joy of sharing your space with the wild.

Gardening is also great for reducing stress, they say digging in the soil makes you feel happier, and we agree! Plus, growing your own food really can't be beat. Here are all of our favorite reasons why you should plant a garden:

  • Homegrown Food is Fresh, Healthy, and Tastes Better
    Just ask anyone – homegrown tomatoes are the best! Same applies to all other homegrown veggies. Fresh always tastes the best, and there is nothing better than picking a handful of peppers, tomatoes and lettuce from your garden to make and enjoy a fresh salad within the hour! 

  • Harvest From Your Garden Year-round!
    It's true, you can grow year-around both indoors and out. Check out our favorite gardening author, Niki Jabbour's book called The Year-Round Vegetable Gardener, which is a wonderful read about growing food throughout the seasons using cold frames, hoop houses, and other homemade contraptions to extend your growing season and keep the harvests coming. 

  • SAVE PLASTIC! There is no plastic bags or packaging needed to bring homegrown veggies home as you would from the store.  needed reuse your pots every year, or use toilet paper roll pots, and make your own compost). 

  • SAVE GAS: No transportation of your veggies is needed if you grow them in your own backyard. No food trucks, no boats, no planes, no trains. When you grow your own vegetables, it saves tons of energy! 

  • Organic & Sustainable: Unlike store-bought produce, you know that your homegrown vegetables and fruit were grown organically. If you make your own compost and take care of your soil, you can also grow food without any or much other input (store-bought fertilizers). 

  • Gardening Makes You Happy:
    Yep, we said it. No doubt in our minds, everyone who witnesses the miracle of a seed growing into a full sized plant can't help but be amazed and feel joy. Life is hard, but gardening makes it better.

Whether you start with just one potted pepper plant, or if you create a huge vegetable garden, any sized garden is good for the soul. And your belly! 

Sandia Seed Peppers of the World
Sandia Seed specializes in peppers from around the world including the prized varieties of Hatch Green Chile seeds, as well as heirloom tomato seeds.

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Happy growing!