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Seed Store Locator - Find our Seeds at Garden Centers near you!

Store Locator - Find our Pepper Seeds near you!

Sandia Seed Store Locator:
Find our Pepper Seeds near you!

Did you know that garden centers and shops around the country carry our seeds? Check out our Seed Store Locator Map to find one near you.

If your local garden shop or hardware store doesn't carry our seeds, ask them about possibly carrying our seeds. We love working selling Wholesale seeds to retailers to help spread the love of peppers of the world! 🙂

Seed Retailers

Lots of retailers like garden centers, nurseries, hardware stores and other shops carry our huge assortment of pepper, tomato and vegetable seeds. Shown above is owner Patsy with our floor seed displays at Nick's Garden Center in Aurora, Colorado. What a garden center it is! They love chile too, and have a big chile fest in late summer that is fun to go to. They also carry frozen roasted Hatch and Pueblo chiles year-round so you can pick up your favorite fix.


Fastest Seed Shipping

And, you can of course order any of our seeds online on this website, we are proud to have the fastest seed shipping in the West!