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Seed Rack

Seed Racks from

Seed Racks from Sandia Seed

Are you a garden center or hardware store and you want to sell seeds in your shop? We love working with small businesses who want to sell hot peppers and Hatch chile seeds. Stores in New Mexico especially love selling our Hatch chile varieties so that their customers can grow their own Hatch chiles in their gardens. Plus, if anyone has had New Mexican chile and live anywhere else in the world, these Hatch seeds are a rare sight, so Chile-lovers and Chileheads will rejoice when they see a Sandia Seed Rack at the local garden shop! 

Wholesaler Seed Racks

If you are looking to buy Wholesale seeds, then make sure to pick up one of our Seed Racks as well to display our seeds in your store. We offer a 50% discount on our Wholesale seeds, so you can get 50% off an order of $300 or more. You can pick any of the seeds you desire to sell, then just add them to your cart and add the Wholesale seeds discount code found on our Wholesale seeds page.

Seed Racks from Sandia Seed - sell Seeds!

We offer three types of Seed Racks: a Floor Seed Rack, a Wall Panel Seed Rack, and a tabletop Seed Rack. Any of our seed racks are perfect for stores, it just depends on where you want to put them. Our colorful seed racks are sturdy and hold 

Seed Rack for Tabletop or Countertop - side viewSeed Rack for Tabletop or Countertop

Our Tabletop or Countertop Seed Rack holds 24 different varieties of seed packets. The pockets are deep and can hold from 5 to 25 packets each, so you can fit a lot of great Hatch and Hot Pepper seeds in this seed rack. Seed Rack Dimensions:  L 21-1/4" x W 12-7/8" x H 18"   Pockets: 24.

Our freestanding Floor Seed Rack shown below holds 45 different varieties and the pockets are deep and can hold from 5 to 24 packets each. Seed Rack Dimensions:  L 17" x W 23-1/2" x H 70"   Pockets: 45.  

Seed Racks from Sandia Seed - sell Seeds for Hot Peppers and Hatch Chile Seeds
We also sell Wholesale Seed Collections that include all of our best-selling chile seeds so that you don't have to bother with picking out the varieties to sell.

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