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Purple Peppers

Purple Peppers
Looking for purple peppers? We not only have several varieties of purple peppers you can grow, but we also have purple tomatoes, too!

Purple Peppers - NuMex Twilight Pepper Seeds

Growing purple peppers and tomatoes adds lots of color to the garden and your harvest. We have sweet purple peppers such as the purple bell pepper as well as hot purple peppers like the Purple Bhut Jolokia ghost pepper

Purple Peppers
You can make a deep purple salsa if you grow some of our purple tomatoes and purple peppers – which is sure to be a spicy delight to any salsa connoisseurs. Check out our favorite salsa recipes and make a purple variation! 

Purple Peppers from Sandia Seed

These NuMex Twilight Peppers on our Seed Catalog cover are beautiful in purple, yellow, and orange – ithis purple pepper plant creates a colorful display through the summer months.

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