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Purple Pepper Seeds


Purple Peppers and Purple Tomato Seeds

Are you looking for Purple Peppers? Or Purple Tomatoes?

Purple peppers and tomatoes are nutrient-dense. Purple colored peppers are rich in vitamins A and C, and eating just one cup of purple peppers a day can provide 100% of your daily needs of these two vitamins! Purple peppers also have a whole range of Vitamin B, and minerals like zinc, folate, potassium, manganese and others important nutrients.

Purple Jalapeno Seeds
Our new Purple Jalapeno delights the eyes and the palate! The Purple Jalapeno plant is gorgeous in the garden, with all three pepper colors at the same time. This showstopper Jalapeño is also delicious for poppers, salsas, on sandwiches, burgers, and so much more. 


Purple Cayenne Pepper Seeds
Another beautiful Purple Pepper is the spicy Purple Cayenne Pepper!
 This purple variant of the popular cayenne pepper has a little more flavor than the red variety and are very spicy – perfect for salsas! You can also dry these cayenne peppers for use as a powder or flakes. Great for adding to spicy pickles, too!

Purple Bell Pepper Seeds
Our Purple Bell Pepper is also a delight as the beautiful 
purple skin contrasts beautifully with its lime green flesh inside when cut. 

Purple peppers, due to their high vitamin and mineral content can help improve your immune system, help protect your eyes with beta-carotene. Peppers also have lycopene, an antioxident believed to lower the risk of certain cancers.

So make sure to grow your own Purple Peppers, Purple Tomatoes or other purple vegetables today for good health and flavor!

Easter Pepper Seeds
Our purple Easter Pepper is another showstopper in the garden, the pods start out from lavender to light yellow and then maturing to a light orange. They are stunning in pots or anywhere in the garden. The colors are so beautiful, they look like they're glowing!

Purple Peppers - Bolivian Rainbow Seeds