Plant Flowers for more Peppers!

Posted on 20 April 2018

Pepper Pollination

If you grow lots of peppers from seeds like we do, you probably are excited for the coming harvest! 

In addition to growing peppers, we also love to grow lots of other herbs and vegetables. We especially love to have lots of flowers to bring in bees for pollination as well as other beneficial insects to help protect our chiles and other veggies from pests. Plus, flowers bring beauty and joy to every garden! Great plants to include in your garden include perennial flowers & shrubs, and annuals including: Lavender, Rhododendron, White Clover, Heather, Toadflax, Lilacs, Bachelor's Buttons, Thyme, Bellflowers, Forget-Me-Nots, Sage, Asters, English Daisy, Mint, Oregano, Basil, Veronica, Blackberries or Cranberries, Apricot Trees, the list goes on. The idea is to have something blooming all season long that attracts pollinators to pollinate your peppers, as well as other beneficial insects like ladybugs, Lacewings, Damsel Bugs, Braconid Wasps, Spiders, and Praying Mantis  that will protect your pepper plants from pests.  We like to grow perennial flowers, since they come back every year on their own, and often they bloom earlier than annual flowers, so it gives bees and other pollinators a food source earlier in the season while they wait for the pepper blossoms. :)

The bees sure loved these Cilantro flowers last summer!

Grow Pepper Seeds - plant flowers for Pepper Pollination

Grow Pepper Seeds - plant flowers for Pepper Pollination

Chile SeedsGrow unique peppers from seeds! 
Pepper seeds are easy to grow! What's great about growing from seed is that you can choose unusual or different colored peppers that you can't find at your local garden shop. We sell all sorts of easy-to-grow 
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Have you heard of Hatch Chiles?
They're famous around the world. 

Technically these green chiles need to be growin in Hatch, New Mexico to be called Hatch. Hatch chiles are roasted, peeled and added to all kinds of recipes including green chile that eaten like a stew, or smothered over burritos. They're easy to grow anywhere you can grow vegetables, so if you don't live in New Mexico, get some seeds and grow them wherever you live!

Get some Hatch Green Chile seeds today
and grow some New Mexico to your garden. 

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