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When to Plant Cucumber Seeds

When to Plant Cucumber Seeds: Planting Cucumbers for Pickles

Wondering when to plant cucumber seeds?

Well, it's mid-June and it is the perfect time to plant cucumber seeds! You can plant cucumbers seeds after all chance of frost has past, for many areas in the United States that is from May to June, depending on your growing region. As they are fast growing, you could also plant cucumber seeds in June and early July and still have time for a harvest in late summer and fall. 

We find that they do best when planted directly in the ground. But, if you have pests that eat baby cucumber sprouts, you may want to start them in seedling pots in a protected place until they've sprouted and grown their first true leaves – then transplant them. Cucumbers DON'T transplant well if root bound, so make sure to transplant them as soon as they get their first real leaves.

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Happy pickling!

Here are some more cucumber seed planting tips:

Growing Cucumbers in the Ground
We like to direct sow cucumber seeds and provide vertical supports for them to grow up.

How to grow Cucumbers in Pots
Simply use well-draining potting soil and a large pot (at least 5 gallons) and plant seeds and keep well watered until sprouted. You can let them tumble out of large pots, or provide them with support to help lift the vines up for easier harvesting and better overall health of your plants.

Cucumber Season Months
We find that they do best of course in the warm summer months, but you can sow a second crop of cucumbers in early-to-mid summer for an extended harvest through autumn.

How many cucumber seeds per hole?
We like to plant one seed per hole, but you can also plant two seeds – and then make sure to thin them after they've sprouted and started growing so they will produce better. Crowded cucumbers don't tend to do as well.

When to plant cucumber seeds indoors
You can start cucumber seeds indoors, but we advise to do this only a few weeks before planting outdoors after all chance of frost has passed. Root bound cucumber plants do not transplant well, so transplant them into the garden as soon as you can after they've sprouted and grown their first set of true leaves.

How long does it take for cucumbers to grow from seed?
Our Homemade Pickles Cucumbers begin to harvest in just 55 days! You can even sow a second crop of cucumbers in early to mid-summer for a late harvest, as cucumber plants can fizzle out later in the season. If you like making pickles, plant some seeds 2-3 weeks after the last frost date, and in about a month, plant a second batch to keep the cucumbers coming in through fall.

When to Plant Cucumber Seeds: Spicy Pickles with Jalapenos Recipe
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Happy growing!