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Pepper Seeds - Labels made from Wine Corks!

Pepper Seeds - Label them with Wine Corks!

Here's a clever idea of recycling your wine corks, use them for your seedling labels! Just write on them with a pen or marker, then stick them onto an old flower stalk or old wood skewers to post into the soil, or just set them in front of your seedlings so you know what's what in your garden. 


Chile SeedsGrow peppers seeds!
You can grow any of the hundreds of chile pepper varieties by growing them from seeds, so you can pick unusual or different colored peppers that add spice and flavor to pickles, recipes, hot sauces and salsas. Sandia Seed sells all sorts of easy-to-grow 
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Have you heard of Hatch Chiles?

They're so delicious, they're famous around the world.

Originating in Hatch, New Mexico, Hatch chiles are roasted, peeled and added to all kinds of recipes including green chile that eaten like a stew, or smothered over burritos. They're easy to grow anywhere you can grow vegetables, so if you don't live in New Mexico, get some seeds and grow them wherever you live!

Get some Hatch Green Chile seeds today
and grow some New Mexico to your garden. 

hatch chile seeds

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