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Orange Peppers with Black Seeds

Manzano Seeds

These Manzano peppers are HOT and delicious! The Manzano Pepper is the only chile to have black seeds. The flowers are a stunning purple and the plant has fuzzy leaves. It is part of the Capsicum pubescens species from the Andes region making it a cool climate chile pepper. It prefers to grow in a protected spot out of fierce sunlight and wind, such as on your patio. Provide it with a large container and a climbing trellis. If protected from frost it can live for 15 years and grow a vine over 10' high.

These also make great "jack-o-lanterns" as they really do look like little orange pumpkins. Just be sure to wear gloves when carving them, and caution others before eating – these pack some HEAT with a Scoville level of 30,000!

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