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Orange Jalapeno Seeds back in stock!

Orange Jalapeno Seeds

Orange Jalapeno SeedsWhat rhymes with orange?

The very popular NuMex Orange Jalapeño seed packets are back in stock! The seeds just arrived and we are putting them in the packets as you read this. It's a small jalapeño with a crazy amount of heat at 80,000 Scovilles! Heck, that's more heat than a serrano! These jalapenos mature in a quick 65 days and make our fiery Orange Salsa Recipe or a very hot dried rub.

P.S. The word orange has almost no perfect rhymes. The only word in the 20-volume historical Oxford English Dictionary that rhymes with orange is sporange, a rare form of sporangium (a botanical term for a part of a fern or similar plant). Now you know!


Jalapeno Seeds

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